These Shotgun Slugs Made Out Of Glass Are Straight Pure Nightmare Fuel When Fired

by 4 years ago

Shotguns can be pretty g’darn terrifying if you’re on the barrel-facing end, and there’s really no reason whatsoever to make them any scarier. Despite this, someone thought it would be a good idea to test out what happens when you fire glass shotgun slugs.

Prior to pulling the trigger, I’d imagine that everyone assumed the glass would shatter into a billion little glass shards, but that’s not the case. Instead, what resulted ended up making its way to YouTube on the ‘TAOFLEDERMAUS‘ channel with a video title of ‘Glass Shotgun Slugs – Your Worst Nightmare’.

I think that title’s all you need to know before watching this clip. If I try to set this up anymore I’ll just be giving away how effective the glass shotgun slugs are when fired and that’ll ruin the point of me sharing this video with you bros, right?

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