Pure Joy Is This Golden Retriever Puppy Playing In The Rain For The Very First Time

Remember how awesome it felt to play in the rain as a kid? You step outside, get an old pair of shoes soaking wet, and splash around like a duck in a downpour? Sucks how the older you get, the more you worry about things like MRSA seeping into your body from said dirty rain water. But still — bliss! That was pure bliss.

This dog is the happiest dog on the Internet today because it felt rain for the very first time. Look at it! It’s so happy! When is the last time you’ve been this happy? Have you EVER been this happy without Zoloft? Definitely not from sitting around an office waiting for Jim to finally sign off on sending Excel spreadsheet to the client. What a dick — Someone needs to send Jim a memo that it’s a dick move to wait until 4PM on Friday afternoon to give approval for such things. We want to have a weekend too, Jim. Not all of us spend our Friday nights watching Mets games at Houlihan’s in Paramus, New Jersey, Jim.

This puppy, however, is joy. Someone take him to a puppy pool party ASAP. He’ll have a blast, we know it.