Try Not To Vomit When A Golf Ball-Sized Cyst Is Removed From A Man’s Head With A Pair Of Pliers

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golf ball sized cyst removal

YouTube - John Gilmore, MD

Make some room Dr. Pimple Popper there’s another doc in town and his videos as just a gag-inducing as yours are.

Meet Dr. John Gilmore of Houston, Texas and his patient Grover who has a golf ball sized cyst on his head. After four years Grover has finally decided that since the growth on his head just seems to be getting larger and larger he ought to have it removed.

Grover calls his cyst his “golf ball” for obvious reasons because this mother is effing HUGE. Dr. Gilmore called it the “largest cyst I’ve ever removed from a person’s scalp.” The doc almost had to turn Grover away because even he wasn’t sure he could handle it.

In fact it’s so damn big Dr. Gilmore has to eventually use a pair of pliers to remove it. God, just typing that made me gag a little bit. I’ve already watched the videos. That’s right, videos, plural. This thing took FOUR videos just to see it to completion.

Hope you aren’t planning on eating anytime soon, or at all, today.

WARNING: Don’t scroll down if you’re squeamish.

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