Someone Illustrated Porn Comments By Using Legos And This Is Why I Love The Internet So Goddamn Much

by 3 years ago

You bros know what Imgur is, the world’s largest photo sharing website. You bros also know what ‘Gonewild’ is, the amateur porn section of Reddit where impressionable young women can share photos of their buttholes with captions like ’18f, first time, be gentle’ and receive tens of thousands of comments from perverted old men asking for their underwear and to see the girl’s feet. Well, someone trolled through the best comments from Gonewild and illustrated them by using Legos. This shit right here, this is the reason the Internet is so wonderful.

Someone (Imgur user ‘ICanLegoThat‘)saw people at their most perverted and thought to themselves ‘this would look great using Legos’, and suddenly a meme was born. And if the title of the Imgur post is to be believe this is actually the 3rd edition of these (shocked I missed the first two). So without further ado, here are some absolutely outrageous amateur porn comments illustrated using Lego….This is all 100% SAFE FOR WORK btw, nothing to worry about here, just some Lego.

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