Google Introduces ‘Undo Send’ Feature For Gmail, Because They Know You Didn’t Mean To ‘Reply All’ With That Porn Link

by 3 years ago


HUGE news for the Internet today, as Google officially unveiled a new feature for GMail that allows users to “unsend” an email that may be on the way to the wrong recipient, or containing content the e-mailer did not intend to send.

The feature was previously available as a beta version via Google Labs, but has now been rolled out to accommodate GMail users on both computers and mobile devices.

The feature can be switched on in ‘Settings’ – with a period of between five and 30 seconds available.

With this in place, after sending an email, a small box appears at the top of the page which allows the user to “undo” and edit their message before sending again (or deleting altogether)

No more worries of your drunken disparagement for your boss finding his inbox after a mistaken Reply All. No more sending porn links to an entire class. No more missing out on job interviews because of a stupid and egregious misspelling of there/their/they’re!

Go turn this thing on right fucking now, people. And finally kiss your emailing nightmares goodbye.



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