GoPro Camera Catches Scary Moment Suspension Bridge Snaps Sending Hikers Plummeting

For assholes like myself there is only one real way to traverse across a suspension bridge. Being the courteous gentleman that I am, I allow everyone to embark on their journey across the wobbly, swaying bridge that feels like it could break apart at any second before I walk on. Then just as the group is on the exact middle of the wonky overpass, you stand with legs apart, grab the rope rails tightly and begin to SHAKE THE ENTIRE BRIDGE TO THE POINT IT LOOKS LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING 9.1 MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE IS HAPPENING! Not everyone will appreciate this gesture to liven up the walk, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t hilarious. However it turns out that you can have a treacherous suspension bridge experience without shitfucks like me ruining everything.

A group of French hikers were crossing a lengthy footbridge near Lake Waikaremoana, on the North Island in New Zealand. Last month, Adrien Whistle and three friends were crossing the bridge when suddenly a cable snapped, causing the bridge to fling the tourists into the air.

Three of the four hikers plummeted 26-feet into the river below, meanwhile the fourth clung to the dilapidated bridge. This entire petrifying moment was captured on a GoPro camera.

An investigation discovered that a rare manufacturing defect in a link of the cable caused the bridge to buckle. The bridge, which is designed to support a maximum of 10 people, remains closed.

Maybe I should cut the shenanigans while on suspension bridges from now on.