This Grandma Has Absolutely No Idea How Her Granddaughter Has Lesbian Sex and It’s Amazing

I’m not brave enough to attempt to give instructions on how to use YouTube to watch old episodes of The Golden Girls to my nana, so the fearlessness of this women to explain her lesbian sex life to her 90-year-old grandma is remarkable. Granny is absolutely mystified on how two women could even have a relationship, have sex and get married. In grandma’s defense she was born before the Empire State Building, cheeseburgers, air conditioning, and the discovery of Pluto. She’s ancient and is from an era where people did not discuss any sexual debauchery and they didn’t have 3 million bukkake videos readily available online. It was a simpler time so I find her innocent ignorance rather charming. With that being said, there isn’t too many options on how lesbian sex works. She starts to work out the logistics in front of the camera:

She puts her tongue in there? You put your tongue in hers? You kiss her hole? She kisses your tits? I’ve never heard of this. If a woman touched my tits I’d slap her in the face.”

I can’t wait til the next video where the daring lesbian woman explains to her grandma about scissoring, strap-ons and double-donged dildos.

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