Graphic Designer Trolls Business Owner Who Posted a Craigslist Ad In Hilarious Series Of Sexually Graphic Texts


One can never tell if these kinds “text based” pranks that we find are authentic or a fabrication by some bored motherfucker looking to prank the entire Internet just so he can achieve an erection. This could be that, or it can be something that really happened. The fuck if I’m going to spend my time investigating text pranks.

/spends his time investigating

Whaddya know, there’s a restaurant called Tomato Tomato in Stamford, CT (the name the person says in the texts). So this shit could be real.

That said, this one doesn’t need much more of an introduction. Read the Craigslist post above and then the subsequent text exchange below.

graphic-design-text-1 graphic-design-text-2 graphic-design-text-3 graphic-design-text-4 graphic-design-text-5

The answer to that question is: LOTS. Clearly.

[H/T Textastrophe]