Head’s Up, Surfers: Man Chomped in Half by Great White Shark off Australian Coast

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Australia's west coast has been the home to an unprecedented number of shark attacks this year. The latest fatality came this week near the city of Perth—24-year-old Benjamin Linden was bitten in half by a huge Great White in a terrifying attack.

He was surfing near Wedge Island, north of Perth, with a friend when he was mauled by the huge shark, said to be up to five metres (16 feet) long.

A man jet-skiing near him said it was a gruesome scene, with “half a torso” all that remained of Linden.

Surfers said they had noticed a large shark in the vicinity in the previous few days and nicknamed it “Brutus” due to its large size.

Now, scientists are trying to figure out why this rash of attacks is happening.

Local marine scientists have described Australia's west coast as the deadliest shark attack zone in the world and Western Australia Fisheries Minister Norman Moore expressed concern at the trend of fatalities.

“We have allocated some Aus$14 million ($14 million) extra to get a better understanding of the great white sharks and the reasons why the fatalities are occurring,” he told reporters.

“I wonder if research might tell us that there are now much greater number of great whites than ever before, and maybe we should look at whether they should remain a protected species.

“This is a very distressing event and to add to the previous four fatalities, it is of great concern to me and to the fisheries department, indeed the government as a whole.”

$14 million to study why this is happening? They're f*cking sharks! Massive fish with like 300 rows of teeth! What's there to understand? (Note: I have no experience with any sort of marine biology.)

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