Groom’s Friends Kidnap Him For Bachelor Party, Scare Him So Bad He Comes Down With Shingles

Anyway, so this Bro's friends, aided by his fiance, jumped out of the van and kidnapped him. And according to Gawker, they scared him so bad he developed a case of the shingles and had to stay away from his fiance for an entire month. Some people are calling these dudes assholes, but the guy just got an extra month of unadulterated bachelorhood to play video games and do whatever the fuck he pleases (see: never hold in a fart). Plus, people have done this several times before, how were they supposed to know his immune system was a pile of shit?

Also, according to the YouTube description, after they drove him 100 miles to the destination wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, they forced him to strip down into nothing but a green Borat-style one-piece bathing suit and ride a bike an additional 10 miles to his own bachelor party. Nice touch, if you ask me.

[H/T Gawker]