Gun PSA Features Children Sword-Fighting With Mommy’s Dildos, Because Reasons

by 4 years ago


I understand the message they are trying to send here, which I think is: HOLY SHIT THE CHILDREN ARE DUMB LOCK EVERYTHING. But kids finding your dildos and playing with them isn’t that dangerous (unless you’re a slob of a woman who never washes the stankity stank off the thing and you’ve got a kid who loves putting everything in his/her mouth.). What I guess I’m saying is this: kids finding and fighting with your dildo is embarrassing, them finding your hand cannon is embarrassing AND deadly.

Maybe next time they can try to prove this point with something people normally leave sitting around the house that kids could actually kill themselves with, like say a letter opener, a screw driver, or everything in the utensil drawer. That way the message can be: “IF YO KIDS TRY TO STAB EACH OTHER WITH A CORN HOLDER, IMAGINE WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THOSE LITTLE IDIOTS FIND YOUR GUN. LOCK YO SHIT.”

[H/T: Uproxx]


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