Gun Shop Owner Recoils An AR-15 Against His Nose To Show How Little Kick It Has

Last week Gersh Kuntzman of the NY Daily News ticked off a lot of gun enthusiasts when he claimed that an AR-15 gave him “a temporary form of PTSD.” In The Daily News, he wrote “for at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable,” spurring Internet-wide scorn for comparing his afternoon at a controlled gun range to actual PTSD soldiers suffer from combat.

To demonstrate that Kuntzman is more or less full of b.s. about the recoil from the AR-15 bruising his shoulder, Chris Waller of Voodoo Custom Weapons in Salisbury, North Carolina fired an AR-15 with it right against his nose.

Game, set, match. Little sensationalist about those claims, eh, Gene?

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