Guy Gets Busted Cheating On Camera While His Girlfriend Watches And Yeah, That’s Not Good

girl watches boyfriend cheating

YouTube - 60 s

So this dude was leaving the gym when a girl (who was obviously put up to it) approaches him and starts getting real friendly. He seems to be pretty into it and even gives her his phone number. Then when she asks if he has a girlfriend and tells her that he doesn’t. Whoops.

But that pales in comparison to the fact that when she leans in for a kiss and goes for his lips he doesn’t deny her. Ruh roh.

“It’s not like he really cheated,” says the girlfriend’s buddy.

“He fucking kissed a girl that he doesn’t know,” she replies.

“Well that happened,” he answers back, then continues, “Besides that…”

“Besides that?” she comes back at him, “I mean they’re in public, he can’t fuck her!”

She does have a point.