Guy Buys Girl A Drink. Girl Accepts Drink. Girl Blows Off Guy. Guy Sends Bill For Drink To Girl.

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When there is a gorgeous girl at the bar who catches your eye, the customary thing is to buy her a drink. This maneuver, of course, comes with risks. There’s a chance that the female doesn’t think as highly of you as you do of her and she declines the drink. Then there are the chicks who don’t even bring money to the bar because they expect dudes to buy them drinks all night long. They’ll give you a wink. They’ll accept your drink. They’ll talk and flirt with you until a better looking guy starts buying her drinks. But that’s not the girl’s fault, it’s your fault for being so desperate and not knowing when you’re being played. When you buy a gal an adult libation and she doesn’t fall in love with you, there really is no recourse. Or is there?

One ingenious gentleman named Liam is blazing trails for the rights of overzealous men everywhere. Liam was at a the Viper Rooms nightclub in the U.K. when he saw a girl he fancied. He bought 18-year-old Abby Fenton a drink.

“He came up to me and he seemed okay,” Abby told LadBible. “Then he offered to buy me a drink so I accepted then walked off to join my friends.”

“I just remember him being tall. I literally asked nothing about him. I didn’t find him good looking, I just thought it was a free drink.”


Poor fucking Liam!

But Liam stands up for himself.

This dude sent her a bill for the one drink he bought her. Love it!

Is Liam a cheapskate?


Is Liam an inspiration to men everywhere who spend their hard-earned money on females who gladly accept cocktails knowing full well that they are not interested in the guy whatsoever?



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