Guy Still Buzzin’ From Surgery Drugs Starts Macking On Every Chick In His Hospital Room, Gets Rejected Every Time

Can’t knock him for trying, although his approach could’ve been better. Women like to be wooed, not slobbered over by a guy who can’t handle his anesthesia. Straight-up asking any woman “Will you marry me?” will more likely than not result in a slap to the face if she’s high-strung, or at the very least she’ll just laugh right in your face – nah, gotta play it smart. Gotta devote two years of your life to buying her fancy dinners and rubbing her feet at night. Gotta put up with all the stupid bullshit she throws at you, like whining about how she’s gotten fat and then flipping crapcakes everywhere when you agree. Gotta blow three paychecks on a ring that’ll inevitably get pawned when you divorce. Gotta spend money on an overpriced wedding so that she can brag that hers >>>> her friends’.

Yeah, that’s how you do it. – so can you blame him for trying to skip all the BS?