Don’t Ever Be This Guy Caught Jerking Off To A PlayStaytion 4 In Public

by 3 years ago

The Daily Star

This really isn’t a good look for anyone. If you’re going to jack off in public, you’ve got to at least find something better than a PlayStation 4 to pleasure yourself to! What is this, amateur hour? Weirdest sexual fetish ever. Dude’s going to forever be known as the “PS4 Pervert,” and you know what, he earned it. Almost a minute going strong until a store employee gave him the “WTF bro!?” treatment.

But really, probably a horrible idea to whip your dick out in public and just get after it. You know that law that says Everything that can go wrong will go wrong? Yeah, that’s intensified like a billion percent if you whip your penis out in public and start pleasuring yourself over a PS4. Common knowledge.

Also, on a real note: I can’t believe the store manager and the PS4 Pervert just walked their separate ways after the startling encounter. Like, yeah, I’m sure it was shocking and repulsing for both parties involved, but you can’t just let a dude like that waltz out of your store because of the awkward factor. You just caught him jerking off over your PlayStation 4’s! Totally deserves to be tackled and restrained while law enforcement is phoned, because if this isn’t a sex offender, I don’t know what is.

Some really strange people in this world, bros. Really strange. Our editor Matt Keohan vehemently denies it was him.

[H/T LadBible via LiveLeak]

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