Watch A Guy Choose A $280 Gift Card Over A Date With A Girl On A Dating Show And Be Happy You’re Not #ForeverAlone

The show is called “Pick Your Ride” and the premise is simple: a girl is given the choice of 3 men who are all disguised underneath racing gear and helmets so the only thing she knows about them is the current state of their cars. The girl then chooses a guy based on what she can deduce from his covered appearance and car. In this case, Corey chose Liam. Good pick Corey, he’s hot!

Unfortunately for Corey though, the twist to the show is that Liam got the “final decision” in that he had the choice between a $280 gift card to “Advance Pitstop” or $280 to go towards a date with Corey.

Judging from the title, you probably already know what he picked.


[H/T Metro]