Guy Claims A Prostitute ‘Forced’ Him To Wear Women’s Panties And Rub His Face With A Toilet Brush…’Forced’

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There are some things I wouldn’t bother reporting to the police. Like if I hired a prostitute and he forced me to lick the underside of every shoe I own and then made me piggy back him around the neighborhood. Yeah, that sucks. But is something so embarrassing really worth reporting, especially when you weren’t physically injured? According to an unidentified Buckinghamshire man, it is.

“The alleged victim – who cannot be named for legal reasons – says he was held at knifepoint by two men who ambushed him as he went to visit a prostitute… Rico Awad, 21, and Leam Ryan, 22, allegedly held a knife to his throat, then forced him to perform press-ups naked on the floor before putting on women’s underwear and kissing Nijjer’s feet. He was later told to scrub his own face with a toilet brush and deliver an embarrassing ‘confession’ to an iPad, which the men used to film the entire ordeal.”

I dunno guys, even though that sounds like 8 levels of fucked up I’m not quite sold, particularly when Mr. Victim supposedly didn’t pay for his happy sexy times.

Nijjer and the other accused deny holding the man prisoner, claiming instead that he refused to pay for a sex session, and invented the blackmail claims to save face.

Via Daily Mail

On one hand if I were a pimp who didn’t get paid I’d be more inclined to beat the shit out of the guy rather than shove a toilet brush in his face, so I can see where this was potentially made up for blackmail. On the OTHER hand, who wants to admit that they were forced to wear women’s panties and suck face with toilet brushes? And where is this supposed iPad footage? There’s too many inconsistencies here. I say we bring back Game of Thrones law and have a fight to the death over it, winner gets to live and the loser has to get buried with toilet-related items in their casket.

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