Guy Crashes $200,000 Lamborghini Six Hours After Winning It

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The details, via by inSantaquin:

The car was the prize of a Maverik/  ”Joe Schomo to Lambo” contest, and its new owner, David Dopp, officially drove it for the first time on Saturday when and Maverik presented it to him at an afternoon event. Several hours later Dopp was driving it northbound in Santaquin on South Ridge Farms Road between the Kars gas station and The Big Red Barn when the car spun out of control, sending the lime green Lamborghini into a field west of the road. His friend was in the passenger seat at the time.

“We came around that corner and just started spinning,” said Dopp.

He said he thinks he might have hit did a patch of black ice or gravel.

Police say the wreck happened just after dark, and a witness said he saw the Lamborghini sitting off the road in the field before the cops arrived at around 6:50 p.m. A witness, Miles Davis from Santaquin, said the skid marks from the car were visible on the road and that the car seemed to have landed facing the opposite direction from the way the vehicle had been traveling.

At the time of the crash, Hansen said the vehicle was moving at “speeds too fast for conditions.” Dopp told Santaquin Police he was going 40-50 mph before he lost control. Speed limit is posted at 35 mph on that section of road. Although Dopp was not cited at the incident, a case will be submitted to the courts to review possible charges.

Hansen feels the driver was “not used to the supercar.” The all-wheel drive roadster has a top speed of 205 mph and is valued at more than $300,000. Damage to the car includes a puncture in the oil pan from a fence post, damage to the rear bumper, and exterior scratches.

Hope he had AAA for the free towing. Does anyone actually believe he was doing 40-50 mph? Seems slow for a joyride in a Lambo. Look how happy he was when he won it!

Poor guy


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