Guy Allegedly On Drugs Decides A Public Street Is As Good A Place As Any To Strip Naked And Start Exercising (VIDEO)

by 3 years ago

Hey man, when you gotta do squats you gotta do squats. Doesn’t matter if you’re at the grocery store, the gas station or in line at McDick’s for a cheap-ass serving of squishy beef, if you feel your thighs turning to jello you best be getting down and working those glutes until you’re on fire.

…don’t have to be naked to do any of this, of course. But to each his own, you know? If being butt-ass naked on the side of a busy Indianapolis road helps you with your gains, then you do you dude. Hell, if popping a molly or two is what gives you that last energy boost to finish your workout then go ahead. Roll your balls off and go at it. Who am I to judge?

[H/T Mirror]