Guy On Omegle Looking For Cyber Sex Girl, Whips His Dick Out But She Does The One Move That Makes Anyone Cry In Fear

by 4 years ago


On one hand I’m like “Ehh the guy was only 16, he’s allowed to do demented shit online because he doesn’t know any better,” but on the OTHER hand I’m like “Yo…how stupid do you have to be to get sex-scammed on Skype?” Literally the only way for this to work is if you show your Johnson on camera; why don’t you just jerk off to regular ol’ boring porn like everyone else?

That’s just my thought process though, and considering that I’m a fucking genius it’s no surprise that I wouldn’t fall for shit like this. As for Redditor AreYouAManOrAHouse…well, that’s a different story:

A few years ago I, being the dumb horny virgin I had been, was trying to find something to help me relieve myself, but having become bored of watching porn all the time I wanted to find a real chick. So I set out upon the many chat sites of the internet, found a girl on omegle and we immediately kicked it off. We seemed to have the same problem and decided we should move off omegle to skype. As soon as we were connected I started getting undressed and the girl on the cam started to as well and was asking for close ups of my dick. Obviously, I obliged and about five minutes later her cam changes to show me handling my junk.

Confused, I ask what’s going on and they tell me if I don’t pay them a couple hundred bucks this recording was going to all my friends and family(my full name was on my skype), and being broke as I was I started freaking out and trying to convince them of my being penniless but they wouldn’t have it and started a countdown. Freaking out even more, I summoned all the courage I had and told my dad what had happened, and he tells me to call the police about it. So I call the cops and a couple minutes later one is in our living room taking down what had happened.

Oh yeah, I told the scammer I called the cops after being told to do so by my dad and they promptly stopped the countdown and disappeared, but with a policeman there I had to explain why he had been sent to my house. Praise be to this man that he did not laugh at the stupid thing I had done. He told me I should call the FBI as the skype account they used had an address on it and apparently this was quite common, but they never found out who it was so I didnt have to go to court to testify or anything.

I havent used omegle once in those years and dont plan on doing so for sexual reasons again, if at all.

Tl;dr: don’t whip your dick out for Internet strangers.

[Via Reddit]