This Guy At The Gym Gives Zero Fucks And Goes Complete Thug Life

by 3 years ago

You know when you go to the gym and there’s a mountain of a human being using the one fucking piece of equipment that you want to use? So you have to wait. And wait. You move on and act like you want to use the butt blaster machine even though it’s arm day. Well this gentleman keeps it 100 and goes right after the equipment he needs regardless of whether someone is using it or not.

He’s having a good time and doing his squats, but wants to up the weight. So he puts one plate on and looks around for another. He locates another plate on the guy who is working out next to him. So he steals the plate right in the middle of his set, which causes some balance issues for the other man.

The real question that’s running through everyone’s mind is: “What the fuck happened after the video stopped?” Did both of these swole fellas throw down? Did they give each other a chuckle and a high-five because they’re friends and this is a fake video? Did the guy who had his weight stolen use the bar to attack the thief? We may never know the answer to these burning questions.

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