Guy Messages Ex Trying To ‘Set Up’ Threesome For Girlfriend, Girlfriend Catches Him And Pulls Power Move In Revenge


On a daily basis, the BroBible tip line is usually a torrential downpour of thirsty Instagram chicks trying to get recognition for their giant boobies, 20+ PR pitches that have absolutely no relevance to our readers and a solid one or two people who write in asking to freelance for us…except they spelled everything in their email wrong and used an email along the lines of “”

Yeah, I know right? I can look past the “brosb4hoez” bit but an AOL email address? Your grandmother and her dialup cable would be ashamed.

But occasionally, OCCASIONALLY, we get a halfway decent story about a boyfriend/girlfriend cheating and their scorned lover enacts some form of revenge back at them. Sometimes it’s stupid and we don’t put it up on the site, but other times it involves threesomes.

We like threesomes.

Enter “Brad,” a name I put in quotes for some reason despite the fact that’s his actual name. Have you ever met someone named Brad that you liked? Probably not; they all suck. Brad hit up his ex trying to get her to have a threesome with him and his current girlfriend “Amanda,” which is actually a fake name because, again, fuck Brad. Amanda apparently saw the messages that Brad sent to his ex and…well, it didn’t end well.



That screenshot of a Facebook message was Brad’s attempt at getting his ex to have a threesome with him. It is pathetic, embarrassing, and I would not be surprised if I learned that Brad still uses an AOL email account.

Shame on you Brad.



Cue Brad realizing he fucked up in 3…2…1…:

brad text 3

brad text2
Tl;dr: it sucks to be Brad today.