This Guy Wants Us to Pray For His Cousin Because He Looks Like a Honey Bun

poor-muhammed Jokes aside, there is no denying that poor Muhammad here looks exactly like a honey bun. In fact, it has reached the point where you would even say that some honey buns look like Muhammad. It really is that bad: honey-bin muhammed-honey-bun But you know what, Muhammad? You were a sacrificial lamb for the greater good. Your face provided an outlet for us to get these aggressive, reckless and juvenile tweets off while simultaneously providing a new way to insult people. If you may recall, Carmelo Anthony ushered in the new wave of “comparing someone’s face to a delicious pastry” earlier in 2014. glazed-donut-face This was arguably the top moment of the New York Knicks’ season last year, if we’re being honest with ourselves. More importantly, it was the day that we found a new way to eviscerate people verbally. If you REALLY want to cut to the core of someone these days, bypass calling them a “bitch” and proceed to call them your favorite delicious pastry. Once they get past their initial confusion, they’ll have an introspective look at themselves and you can more or less fuck their life up in the long run. Yeah, maybe making a little boy Twitter-famous for resembling a bodega treat is a little bit on the unethical side of things, but I bet that will all stop once Hostess calls with that 7-figure deal on the table. You remember Lil Terrio, right? It was all well and good when he was dancing and we were laughing at him on Twitter. Then, as he got more famous (and fatter), we all started hatin’ (and severely worrying about his well being). Live it up now, honey bun face. The fall is much greater than the rise. (Quick Update on Terrio – he’s not doing great)


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