I Love This Dude Pretending To Be A 13-Year-Old Girl To Expose Online Child Predators

by 4 years ago

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Guys are super creepy. C’mon, dudes, what the fuck? Why are so many of you so creepy? If you’re reading this right now, and you’re thinking to yourself, “shit, I think I might be one of those creepy dudes,” can you, ya know, cut it out? You’re making the rest of us who don’t try to j off in front of little kids look bad.

If for a second you try to say something like, “they wouldn’t actually do anything with the girls, it’s all online! This is kinda messed up,” you should go jump off a bridge. I don’t care that they’re not forcibly fondling little kids in a playground; if you’re a grown man and you’re flashing hog to a little kid, you deserve to be institutionalized. And not like a nice institution, a shitty one.

I’d like to say that while I support this guy for exposing creeps, I cannot support him as a comedian, and I’m saying that with peace and love. I find him to be very annoying. He has a big fat Indian guy jerking his pecker in front of him, and the best he can come up with is “ahhh, gross man! You’re trying to talk to a little kid!” C’mon. You can’t rely on the setup to carry this entire video. Have some material ready to go. This could’ve been comedy gold and you blew it.

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