Guy Refuses To Leave Sex Shop Burning To Ground Around Him Because He Wanted To See The End Of ‘Throbbin Hood’

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They’re called “priorities,” and they’re little things that put us human beings on a higher tier than the monkeys we evolved from. Priorities can range from the mundane, such as “I need to fix my bed in the morning before leaving for work,” to the thrilling, like “Once I catch the end of ‘Throbbin Hood’ I’ll exit the burning building I’m currently sitting in, but NOT UNTIL IT’S OVER.” And while this unnamed guy’s priorities were clearly not in order, at least he had them – a man of principle, this guy is. Can’t leave the sex shop currently engulfed in flames until “Throbbin Hood” is over, he paid money for it y’know?

The man, who has not been named, was alone in a locked video cabin watching the adult film when the building caught alight.

But despite the flames egding closer to him and smoke inhalation causing him to cough, he was adamant he wanted to stay until the end of the film.

This forced firefighters to race into the shop called SexyAngel, located on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn, known as the ‘square mile of sin.’

The man was found by what authorities described as a ‘state of high sexual arousal’ and dragged from the burning shop.(via)

According to Daily Mail, as firefighters dragged him out of the building the unnamed man was heard saying “I have paid 7.50 euros for this and I haven’t finished yet!” Which, I mean, I’d be pissed too if I spent that much to watch a movie I could probably torrent for free online. Then again, I wouldn’t spend that much to watch a movie I could probably torrent for free online, so this would never be a problem of mine. I am not a fool with a dick in my hand.

The man was reportedly later treated at a hospital for smoke inhalation.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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