This Guy Sat In a Hot Car to Prove How Dangerous It Is to Leave a Child In One


I not trying to throw shit on this guy’s experiment, because I know he’s well-intentioned and trying to inform people about the dangers of stupidity extreme heat, but…I mean…didn’t we already know you shouldn’t leave your kids in a hot car? I think people already knew that. I think people DEFINITELY already knew that.

That said, if you see a kid stewing in a hot car, please John Kreese the shit out of the window and save them.

On second thought, maybe check the doors first; if a person’s mindless enough to leave their infant in a car they might not lock their doors. But by all means, still break all their windows anyway, because fuck those people. If they can’t remember their kids are in the car they don’t deserve windows.

[H/T Uproxx]