If You Have A Fear Of Heights Then This Dude Slipping And Falling Into A Terrifying Cave Is 100% NOPE

He doesn’t die, so there’s some good news here. However, if you’ve got a crippling fear of heights and/or confined spaces then this video might not be the one for you. In it you’ll see a guy dicking around on the edge of a cave only to slip and fall over the edge, clinging on out of fear, before he falls ass backwards into the dark abyss.

For whatever reason a GIF of this video has been making the rounds this week. The animated GIF uploaded to GIPHY has already racked up nearly 400,000 views, and it’s been seen everywhere on the Internet over the past 24 hours. What’s weird though is the video is from last May, and it’s sitting at just 2,000 views. It’s almost as if some dude from Reddit thought it’d be fun to jack that video and put it up on Reddit for meaningless karma.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a good GIF:

I’m just saying, why not link to the video when you’re going to post it to 15 different subreddits to try and soak up stupid ass karma? Why not give the person who took the video credit anywhere at all? I guess that’s just the way of Reddit and Karma Whoring though…

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