Guy Smashes Cheating Ex-Girlfriend’s Car By Delivering An Angry Hulk-Stomp Straight Through The Back Window

DAAAAAAAAMN dude! Fuck metal pipes, fuck baseball bats and fuck taking a tire iron to a car window when all you really need is a pissed-off state of mind and a good ol’ pair of stomping shoes to bring you straight through the rear-window of a car and down right into the back seat.

Also, the two dudes providing commentary on the whole thing deserve an award. Not a legit award or an award that actually means something, but maybe one that’s like a participation trophy. Something alone the lines of “You Did A Perfectly Acceptable Job Of Watching This Dude Bust Up His Cheating Ex-Girlfriend’s Car.” And while their commentary wasn’t exactly engaging, I still got hyped listening to them narrate what was going down. It takes either a lot of drugs or a lot of hyping to get my hyyyyped, so A+ job guys. A-fuckin’-plus.