This Guy Turned His Long-Ass Beard Into A Birdcage Around His Head, Because Reasons

by 3 years ago


Beard growth is a fucking commitment. It’s also an emotional roller coaster. One day you’re pumped to be on the journey to thick facial hair and then next day your wife wants nothing to do with you and you’re itching your face at a faster clip than a dog with dick flees.

But once you pass those early growth stages — and your wife decides to love you for the burly mess you’ve become — that’s when you get to reap the rewards of sweet, sweet beard ownership. Take Eric Brooks for example, he hasn’t shaved in 4 years and he’s now making a name for himself as a guy who uses his long-ass beard to make fucked up hair sculptures. I mean, what more could anyone want out of life?

Just how long is Brooks’ beard, you ask?

Well, according to USA TODAY:

The 26-year-old Fort Collins, Colo. man hasn’t shaved his face in four years and his beard now reaches to his nipples.

Recently, Brooks used his facial hair for his weirdest creation yet…this birdcage that lives over his head, because you don’t choose #BeardLife, #BeardLife chooses you.