Guy Walks In On His Girlfriend After She Banged Another Dude And Things Just Get Worse For Him From There (w/Video)

by 5 years ago

Finding out that your girlfriend is in bed with another guy is probably not the best news to receive first thing in the morning. Your heart would start racing (provided that you actually gave a fuck about the relationship) and thoughts of murder would penetrate your every thought. Instead of thinking about if you feel like eggs today, you’re thinking about how to make the double homicide you might commit look like a crime of passion. It’s really not the ideal way to start your day.

But that’s exactly what happened to this guy…this poor fucking sap of a guy. He was just minding his own business at his apartment, probably rubbing one out, when all of a sudden his girlfriend’s roommate contacted him to tell him about what was happening. That really put him in a pickle, he had to make a choice. Do I stupidly commit murder or do I confront my shitrag girlfriend and her new dick while I videotape the entire thing?

Thankfully, he passed the chance to play God and he chose to confront them. On the surface that seemed like a great idea. When you play out the confrontation in your head, your girl springs out of bed begging for forgiveness, promising she’ll never do it again. Meanwhile, the guy will be all like “My bad, bro. I didn’t know she was taken. Let me make it up to you.” Then, he pulls out a gun and blows off his own cock to assure you that it will never happen again.

That’s unfortunately not what happened here. Instead, the whole confrontation left the poor guy who got cheated on looking even more pathetic. When he stormed in bitching and moaning about all the cheating, his chick and dude in her bed just KEPT SHIT REAL. They stayed in bed, looking totally unaffected by the awkward situation. To make matters worse, when the guy tried to be all like “you know how many chicks I’ve had the chance to fuck and didn’t?” everyone in the room was like “Yeah, sure, guy. Sure you could have fucked a ton of chicks. Whatever you say.”

OOOOF. Rough day. Dude should just go right to bed and hope tomorrow is better.

[H/T Barstool]