What Happens When Guys Try On Victoria’s Secret Panties?

BuzzFeed asked some courageous men to wear women’s underwear from Victoria’s Secret and then provide their opinions from their uplifting experience and also pretend that they don’t prance around in their girlfriend’s underwear when she’s at work. They first started with bikini panties which they said their cock was spilling out. Even if you have a micropenis you have to go on record as saying, “Yeah there was definitely not enough fabric to contain all of my enormous manhood.” The test subjects said that there were some logistical issues when they wore a thong and that their “ass is literally sucking them up like a vacuum.” Well that’s far, far more detail than I needed. Out of all of the panties the gentlemen definitely enjoyed wearing the boyshorts and many praised that the underwear made their butts look good. Debatable. Very debatable.