Hammerhead Worm Looks Like A Cross Between A Shark And Snake And It’ll Haunt Your Dreams

by 2 years ago

Let’s start with the most disturbing fact about this Hammerhead Worm: its mouth is also its anus. I could stop here and the article would be done. That alone should shake you to your core, but we’ll keep on trucking through the details of what makes this Hammerhead Worm so f’d up.

This worm was filmed somewhere near Malaysia’s capital but it is also found in Europe and North America where it’s considered an invasive species. It excretes a slime which it uses to trap prey. Oh, and the Hammerhead Worm is carnivorous. It feeds by shoving its pharynx into its victims.

When it comes time to make babies the Hammerhead Worm just rips off parts of its body which then grows a new head within 10 days…I’m still not sure this thing’s even a worm because it sounds like a total alien creature based on the description over on the Daily Mail.

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