This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Hold In Your Pee

I hold in my pee all the time. Hell, I’m holding it in right now! There’s a bathroom exactly 15 feet away from me and I am too goddamn lazy to walk to it, hence why I’ve needed to pee for two hours and yet haven’t gone.

But did you know that holding in your pee can fuck up your bladder? That’s right — holding in pee can get you a UTI, weakened bladder muscles, involuntary wetting of your pants — fun stuff. Your bladder can even burst of course, but that’s not as common.

In the end, it’s probably healthiest to just go pee when you need to go pee…or you can go ahead and ignore my advice and wind up with an exploded bladder b2b with a UTI. Your pick.

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