Happy Drive-Thru Employee Is Who We’d All Strive To Be If Life Didn’t Suck And Working Wasn’t Such A Goddamn Bore

God, did you hear this guy? He sounds like he actually enjoys his job. What’s with that? Who likes their job? Do you have any idea how shitty today has been? Not only is the shower in my master bathroom apparently fucked up beyond all repair and leaking into the kitchen downstairs, but my roommates are fucking slobs who don’t understand that microwaves are meant to be closed after you finish using them.

On top of that, I’m sitting here writing this bullshit paragraph about an enthusiastic drive-thru guy who inexplicably does NOT hate his life despite working the night shift at Wendy’s. How fucked is that; he’s loving life as a minimum wage burger flipper and I can’t even find happiness at a salaried job. It’s also raining today, not that you care, but like come on – can’t I catch a break?

Tl;dr: when it rains, it pours.