Hash Oil 101: The Low Down on Dabs

by 6 years ago

Hash OilOn the most basic level, hash oil is just liquefied weed oil concentrate. It can come in a variety of colors from white to dark brown (the lighter the color, the better the hash). White is rare to come by so honey hash oil, which gets its name from its honey-like appearance and texture, is probably the best you will ever come across.

One thing about hash oil that may surprise you is that it’s not really hash. Technically it’s “weed concentrate” or “weed oil.” This is because the two are manufactured in entirely different ways. Hash is made by extracting the trichomes from plant material by using various means. Hash oil is made by dissolving the plant material with a solvent and then heating the mixture and evaporating the solvent; leaving behind the oil. Popular solvents used in the process are isopropanol and butane (which is increasingly popular nowadays and has spawned the term BHO; short for “butane hash oil”). The stuff isn’t necessarily difficult to make, but rather difficult to make well. There have even been explosions and fires as a result of stupid people trying to make oil.

The first hash oil is thought to have been made in the mid-19th century. As you can imagine, one or two developments have been made in the oil-extracting process since then. New equipment exists that is specifically made for extracting oil but the process can be done with as little as a pipe or tube, solvent, a heat source, some filters, and a container.

There are many ways to smoke hash oil. Most involve getting a small dab on something such as a paper clip or a dentist’s pick and holding it close to a hot surface, such as a charcoal and sucking up the smoke with some type of straw. The smoke from the hash oil expands like crazy so what would seem to be a small hit is actually a huge one. If you want, you can put a drop on top of a bowl. There are also accessories made specifically for smoking concentrate.

You can get good and baked for hours on just a couple hits of oil. So if you ever come across it, which you are likely to with its growing popularity, pick up a gram or two.

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