Hate Celebrity Kickstarter Campaigns? These Two Bros Have the Answer

Lately, though, celebrities have hopped on the Kickstarter gravy train to fund their crap. Veronica Mars is coming back, thanks to a surprisingly brief campaign that raised almost $6 million. And Zach Braff recently pulled in around $2 million to make a “sort-of” sequel to Garden State. There will be more examples.

There are two ways to look at this: On the one hand, harnassing the power of fans to make an artistically pure project is admirable. And no one is forcing a regular guy to give Braff $20.

On the other hand… These people are already pretty wealthy. In the case of Braff, at least, the case can be made that he had the means to secure funding elsewhere, and he's exploiting his fame in a way contrary to the nature of Kickstarter. (Disclaimer! I don't care either way.)

Anyway, this satiric campaign, started by friends Luke and Tanner, is a welcome “Fuck you” to it all. For $7, Tanner will give verbal confirmation, to a stranger, of how rad the Veronica Mars movie was. For $10, Luke will “tell all 87 of his followers on Twitter to go see your movie!” The options end at $100: “We'll treat ourselves to a steak dinner, Luke will instagram it, and Tanner will live tweet it! Then we'll go watch your movie, at night, which will probably make us like it even more, plus we'll say something nice about it on Facebook AND Twitter.” 

They explain further in this post, which has sarcasm so rich you can practically see it:

We think it's been so great of the celebrities who've reached out to their loyal fan base to fund their passion projects, instead of using the mountains of money they made while their shows were on the air and in syndication!

We love that a movie studio is willing to take a chance on a franchise they've already made a ton of money on, by shifting the burden of risk to the fans of the show!

It's great how that guy in boston who got his legs blown off (then woke after surgery to accurately describe the bomber) was able to raise $700,000 in TWO WEEKS to pay for his surgery since he didn't have insurance, but it only took Zach Braff (who was making over $300,000 an episode for scrubs) less than 24 HOURS to raise almost 2 MILLION!

We think it's time for the sell-ebrities to give back a little, and pay us to go watch their movies and do COOL STUFF!


If you want to give, the button is right here. I think they'd rather you hit “Funny” on Funny or Die, though.

[H/T: Reader Email]