Have You Submitted Your Fugly Shirt for BroBible and Jack Robie’s Worst Shirt Photo Contest?

by 8 years ago

Last week we announced our BroBible and Jack Robie's Worst Shirt Photo Contest. Even though we've received quite a few awful shirt submissions so far, there's still one more day left to enter. All you have to do is send in a picture of you in your worst shirt to giveaways@brobible.com by Wednesday, Sept. 1, at 11:59 p.m. and tell us why you need a Jack Robie shirt. It can be your ugliest shirt, your worst fitting shirt, most worn shirt, or something that only your grandma says is a shirt. This Friday we’ll announce the 10 winning photos and set the winning Bros up with the Jack Robie shirt of their choice. In the meantime, after the jump is four of our best submissions so far:

Founded by two Brown alums, Jack Robie offers luxury, ready-to-wear men’s shirts with a tailored fit at prices below those of comparable products. Throw in the new styles that just dropped, free shipping, free returns, and an exclusive 15% BroBible discount (enter promo code BROBIBLE at checkout) and you’re gold.

Bros come in all shapes and sizes, which is a problem when it comes to finding the perfect shirt. Some Bros have big shoulders, some have big arms, and some are just fat. Regardless, it’s almost impossible to find a standard store-sized shirt that fits like a glove. Other Bros also have mothers, grandmas, and girlfriends with incredibly poor taste, which is a big problem when it comes to gifts: think euro-fit satin shirts and disgraceful, oversized Hawaiian shirts.

We feel your pain, which is why BroBible and Jack Robie are teaming up to give away 10 Jack Robie shirts to 10 Bros with the worst shirts.