Helicopter Parent Of The Year Keeps Son Barricaded In His Bedroom Against His Will For Two Years To Protect Him

Helicopter parents are essentially everything wrong with the world. If you traced every problem in the world all the way back to the initial catalyst for said problem, it would more than likely be helicopter parents. Is that a bold claim that I literally have no evidence to support? Of course it is. But also, I don’t have any evidence saying I’m wrong. Mic drop.

Take this father who, for some reason, was worried that he was being targeted by the Russian mafia and that the neighbors were poisoning the water supply. So, to protect his son, he locked him away in his bedroom for two years.

Via Mirror:

“An emaciated British teenager has been discovered in Spain after allegedly being kept prisoner in his bedroom for two years. The 19-year-old was found in the house with bars on the windows weighing just over six stone and was carried out of the house by police in a blanket. Officers said he was suffering from malnutrition and his father has been charged with illegal detention and ill-treatment in the family.

The man, who is of Indian decent but reportedly has British citizenship, was only freed after he sent an email to police begging them to raid the home in the Rivas Vaciamadrid district of Madrid.

According to local reports, it said: “Rescue. Assistance. Help me. I am desperate. My father abuses me. I am held prisoner. Please, do not get in touch with me because he would kill me.”

A police spokesman said: “When officers entered the house, they found the boy with severe physical symptoms and extremely thin.  He was disoriented and suffered physical injuries from the beatings he had received from his father.”

Police released images showing the rubbish-strewn house which neighbours said was infested with rats and cockroaches. The teenager was taken to a hospital where he underwent a thorough health examination. He is now living with his mother and sisters. The father, who has not been named, reportedly claimed neighbours were trying to poison them through the water system and that he was being targeted by the Russian mafia. He has since been released on bail.”

It’s a good thing this kid used email to get in touch with the police because, honestly, I’m not sure if they would have been able to hear anything on the phone over the whipping of the father’s helicopter blades. I mean, hats off to dad for the quick thinking. He’s seen the movies. Gangsters always go after your pets, then your family and then you. If you hide the second attack, you’re fully protected and your family won’t be killed. That’s a win-win. But also, your son is never going to learn anything if you keep him locked away. He’s not going to learn the ins and outs of protecting himself from Russian mobsters if he’s locked in his room all day. You have to let him out into the world and figure out how to gauge a dude’s eye out on his own. What happens when you go on vacation or he flies the coop. Daddy won’t be there to lock him in his room for two years every time he pisses off the wrong people.