While Helping Friend Move, Person Discovers A Very Titillating And Embarrassing Tidbit About Their Chum

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One of the very worst parts of friendship is helping your friend move. Like at that very moment when your friend asks you to help them move you should immediately consider how good of friends you guys really are. Like you have to ask yourself if you are legitimately good friends or just two people who like to get drunk together. Another thing to consider is if you are moving in the near future and will need assistance. If not, maybe it’s time to find a new best bud.

Reddit user mentosfresh is one of those good people who helps his friends move, and it turned out to be much more than they bargained for. Not because a dresser was too heavy to get down from the 11th floor or they had to unassemble a Norddal bunk bed from Ikea or they dropped an antique mirror from their great grandma that shattered. Nope. This may have been even worse, they found a very revealing tidbit about their friend and shared it to Imgur.

When moving the bed they discovered these strange shapes embedded on the bottom of the mattress.

How much do you think this embarrassed individual wishes that she didn’t have a memory foam mattress and it forgot all about those sex toys?

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