Here’s How To Turn Your Roomba into a Killing Machine When You’re Drunk

by 4 years ago

Are you drunk and not going anywhere for awhile? Why not turn your Roomba into deadly killing machine! While most people enjoy playing a game of beer pong or flip cup when they are drunk, these three individuals decided to militarize their robotic vacuums and then duel to death (Or whichever balloon popped first). They were bored during a night of drinking so they came up with the brilliant idea to attach huge knives onto their Roombas as well as balloons. Whichever robot popped the other balloon first was declared the victor. Why can’t you just play “Asshole” like the rest of us drunks?

Please use extreme caution when having Roomba wars because one of your friends could be passed out on the floor and the autonomous vacuum could stab him in the eye or even worse; what if it becomes self-aware? Party over.

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