Here’s Why The Chris Christie From New Jersey Is So Unchill About Legalizing Weed

by 10 months ago

Someday, eventually — maybe! –marijuana will be legalized across the board around the United States. In the meantime, states are forced to take efforts to legalize marijuana on their own via ballot initiatives and referendums, despite the fact that the federal government refuses to remove marijuana from its list of Schedule 1 substances.

One of the elected officials fighting the inevitable fall of marijuana prohibition is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. There’s a decent reason why too — Despite being federally illegal outside of Nevada, Christie proposed bringing sports gambling to New Jersey’s failing casinos using the same legal logic that Colorado, Oregon, and other states were using to legalize weed within state borders. Except all the leagues sued the state and tied up the initiative in federal court, prohibiting the state to proceed in legalizing sports gambling.

This morning on Cheddar, Danny Danko from High Times talked about why Christie is so unchill about legalizing it.

No wonder lawmakers in Jersey have a plan in place to change things up once Christie is out of office.

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