Our Nation’s High Schoolers Love to Smoke and Drink During the Day

by 7 years ago

A new study by the University of Columbia reveals that nearly one in five high school students (17 percent) in the United States smoke, drink or take recreation drugs during the school day.

A couple other takeaways from this finding that is sure to have good-intentioned worrywart mothers around the country throwing up their hands and wondering “won’t someone think of the children”:

  • Some 86% told survey-takers that they were well aware their glassy-eyed classmates were stoned or drunk.
  • Half of the students polled said they know who deals drugs at school — and where students can go nearby to get high.

  • Marijuana was the drug easiest to buy on school grounds, students said, followed by prescription drugs, cocaine and ecstasy.
  • The survey of 12- to 17-year-olds also found that seeing pictures on Facebook or MySpace of their pals partying made them want to get drunk or stoned themselves.

  • By contrast, kids who didn’t see these images on social networking sites were less likely to drink, do drugs, or smoke, the survey found.

[New York Daily News]

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