30 Hilarious Clips from the Stars of ‘30 Minutes or Less’

by 9 years ago

First, the trailer for “30 Minutes or Less”:

Jesse Eisenberg
Role: Nick — Pizza Delivery Guy, Human Bomb, Amateur Bank Robber

From “Social Network” — Relationship Status

From “Social Network” — Algorithm

From “Social Network” — Interrogation/Raining

From “Zombieland” — Rules

From “Zombieland” — Tallahassee Analysis

From “Zombieland” — Clown

On the next page: Danny McBride's funniest clips…{pagebreak}

Danny McBride
Role: Dwayne — Kidnapper

From “Pineapple Express” — Fish Tacos

From “Pineapple Express” — Red Gun

From “Eastbound and Down” — Stumbling

From “Eastbound and Down” — Make it Rain

From “Tropic Thunder” — Big Ass Titties

On the next page: Aziz Ansari's funniest clips…{pagebreak}

Aziz Ansari
Role: Chet — Best Friend, Teacher, Amateur Bank Robber

“Swagger Coach”

From “Observe and Report”

From “Parks and Recreation” — This is How You Eat It

From “Parks and Recreation” — Food Nicknames

From “Human Giant” — Rollerblading Scene

“Pussy Tale”

From “Get Him to the Greek”

From “Funny People” — Randy

“Job Interview”

On the last page, Nick Swardson's funniest clips…{pagebreak}

Nick Swardson
Travis — Kidnapper

From “Just Go With It” — Sheep Shipper

From “Reno 911” — Terry

“Grandma's Boy”


From “Click”

“Smoking Weed”

“The Weirdest Man in the World”

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