HOLY SH*T: Spearfisherman Captures INSANE Moment When A Great White Shark Almost Eats Him

Great White sharks are the lions of the sea. They deserve all the respect we can give them. That said — Holy shit. This dude spots a Great White while underwater and then — just when he thinks it’s gone — it literally comes out of nowhere behind him. There’s no doubt that beast wanted him in his belly. That’s about as close of an encounter as it gets without it eating you. And there’s no way that tiny spear would have done jack shit to the shark unless it was like square between the eyes. Isn’t that what they aim for in JAWS?

My wet suit would be filled with pee and poo. Hell, I almost shit myself when his GoPro caught the shark right next to him. But that’s probably because I ate a triple bean burrito today and I think those refried beans were sitting out of the fridge for a couple days. Beware lunches at NYC burrito joints, Bros.



RIP Roy Scheider.

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