What’s More Important for a F*%k Buddy to Have: Hot Looks or Skills in Bed?

by 8 years ago

So I have two fuck buddies at the moment and long story short, that road is coming to an end and I'll have to pick one to keep banging. Slutter A is about a 7 on a good day, but the sex is always lights out and her blowjobs deserve a medal. Slutter B is a total smokeshow but she's pretty boring in the sack and worst of all, doesn't give dome. My question is which one to keep railing? And also at what point does looks stop compensating for a lack of skills in bed?

Reggie Noble: The solution to your problem starts with identifying what exactly it is you want out of this relationship. Excellent humblebrag, by the way. You must be one good-looking motherfucker.

You’ve obviously decided that juggling both of these viable sexual options isn’t going to work out. In doing so, you’ve put yourself ahead of the curve. Most Bros would try to be a hero, keep both in tow, and have it blow up catastrophically in their face leaving only Senor Right Hand for comfort.

If your goal is to publically date the hottest chick on campus then you should go with the 10. If your goal is to have mind-blowing and clandestine sex, 7’s your lucky number.

Personally, I’d go with the good-looking gal who is also gifted in the art of copulation. After all, I’d rather have a reliable car that gets me where I’m going than a gorgeous automobile that serves no practical purpose. 

Being with a smokeshow that can’t satisfy your needs in the bedroom will make you happy in public. Being with a more average looking lady who is sexual napalm will make you happy in private. Here’s one of life’s great spoilers: It is infinitely more important to be actually happy than appear to be happy.

Your 10 is a lot like – wait for it – Tim Tebow. She’s got a ton of appeal and potential, but just can’t get the job done. Her looks cover up for a lot of inadequacies, but let’s look at the bottom line. She just ain’t getting it done.

Sure, you can try to tutor her. But who wants to build a piece of Ikea furniture when you could a fully constructed one is being offered to you at the same cost? Only an idiot.

Perhaps other guys are different, but my eyes and penis operate almost independently of each other. An objectively hot girl might not be as sexually appearing as someone less conventionally alluring. There is so much more to sexual chemistry than looks alone, and if you’ve found someone that you click with an all cylinders, throwing that way would be flat-out silly.

J.Camm: There is no OBVIOUS choice here. From your question I can only assume that you have zero intentions of making either of these chicks your girlfriend and I can make an argument for either side, but in choosing one, it's all a matter of how you operate, really. Do you generally drop the “2 a.m., your place or mine? Got a big stinky load for you.” text or do you have these chicks meet you out in public?

For carnal passions on the down low, of course you choose Girl A. She's the better lay and a grade-A cocksucker; you'd be a fool to throw that away, especially if all you want is dynamite sex.

But maybe you prefer a show-pony? A chick that will meet you out for the last few rounds and her hotness will make your friends bitter and other chicks curious as to how you landed such a babe. Girl B, while a fucking horrid lay, is a resume builder; having her around will help you get other hot chicks in the future. It's good to have goals, you guys.

For me, I'd keep the hotter one as fuck buddies tend to have short shelf-lives anyway; you can use her as a date to formals, weddings, or other shit that requires a date; and she's going to be much harder to replace than the mediocre-looking broad. You want another 7 that can suck the skin off a dick? I can get that to you in less than 15-minutes, but a smoke that loves to chug cock and doesn't have a dead twat is going to be a much more difficult acquisition.

Whatever way you look at it, in three to six months it's highly likely that you'll want to move on from the one you choose so you've got to take the one who best serves your current needs.

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