Hot Shots and a Hollywood Big Shot Vie for Bro of the Week Honors

by 9 years ago


4. Hickok45
This guy carved a pumpkin with a f*cking hand gun. In all my years, that's probably the most creative way to carve a pumpkin that I have ever seen. Which isn't saying much since I've never seen any other way outside of a knife, but still impressive. We also nominated him today because he would probably appreciate that today was Cuntry Music Friday in the BroBible office. Well, it was, but Eskimo Bro played Garth Brooks and I was forced to cancel it.

Cam Newton

3. Cam Newton
The latest flavor of the week for the Heisman was pretty impressive in victory against LSU last week. He can run, he can sort of throw, it almost makes you ask the question, what can't Cam Newton do? Quarterback an NFL team, that's probably what?

Charlie Sheen Hot Shots

2. Charlie Sheen
I can't tell you if getting arrested is Bro or not Bro — I'm not some f*ckin' oracle and I certainly don't live my life worrying about trivial shit like that. But give the guy a break, it's not like any of you have f*cked over 5,000 chicks for a sweet story (to tell the grandkids) about the time you blew so much rock up your nose that you trashed a Plaza Hotel room, and abducted a adult entertainment hoe.

1. Jake Zim
The VP of Digital Marketing at Fox revealed this week that not only is James Cameron working on “Avatar 2,” but Zim himself will star opposite smokeshow Zoe Saldana in the sequel. Early word is that Zim is insisting that he simply wear lots of blue makeup instead of relying on the wizards at Weta Digital to create the avatar-version of his character.