Hot 28-Year-Old Spearfishing Chick Works For A Hedge Fund And Has No Time For Haters On Social Media

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Bros, meet your new dream girl. Valentine Thomas is a 28-year-old French Canadian woman from Montreal currently living in London. During the work week, she works for a hedge fund. On weekends and holidays, however, she Thomas pursues her passion as an avid spearfisher, catching her dinner the old-fashion way: Diving under the waves with a speargun. She documents her catch on Instagram, where she promotes women spearfishing and occasionally takes some heat from haters. Via the Daily Mail:

‘People call me a killer,’ Miss Thomas told MailOnline. ‘I face sexism, I face a lot of hate, but I have also had marriage proposals.’

In 2010, the French-speaking Canadian moved from Montreal to the UK, and was persuaded by a friend to complete a diving course in Egypt.

She then travelled to the remote Ascension Island in the south Atlantic for her first trip and soon fell in love with the sport.

‘For me to be able to grab my own food is amazing,’ the keen cook explained. ‘I like everything – even cleaning the fish afterwards. We are really involved in sea preservation. We never kill anything we won’t eat.’

Hell yeah. Valentine also currently holds the world record for the largest Atlantic Amberjack, which she speared off Ascension Island in 2013. She’s also had some dicey adventures:

It was on her first fishing expedition that Miss Thomas almost died when she became separated from her partner in high waves.

‘I started freaking out,’ she said. ‘I was trying to swim to the shore and I couldn’t.

‘Sometimes you can be five miles from the shore. When you spear a fish and there is blood everywhere, the sharks are around.’

She also has no time for haters who don’t seem to understand how fish makes its way to the grocery store:

And Miss Thomas is often called a killer on social media, but she insists her way of fishing is far more humane that using a net.

Some pictures show her gutting her catches – prompting critics to call on her to stop. One described her on Facebook as Jack the Ripper.

‘I shoot them in the brain and they die immediately,’ she said. ‘I’m very respectful of everything I do.

‘If you buy fish from a supermarket, why am I the bad guy? People see blood and they get squeamish.

‘People get really angry, they get upset because they are not used to seeing where their food comes from. Everyone turns a blind eye to what they are eating and I put the reality in front of them.’

People who try to call sportsmen out on stuff like that are so out of touch with reality. Shout out to Valetine for putting them in their place.

This chick is your dream girl, fellow fishermen Bros. What a catch.

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