Insanely Hot Teacher Busted For Having Sex With Three Students Says Their Relationships Were Not ‘Evil Or Malicious’

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We’ve brought you the story of Brianne Altice, the insanely hot ex-teacher from Utah who had sex with three of her students, before – and we’ve also told you about how she was arrested while out on parole for, YUP, you guessed it, having sex with her students AGAIN.

Get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, shame on you. Get caught with the same hand in the same cookie jar grabbing the same cookie a second time — well, normally you just wouldn’t get the cookie but in Brianne’s case, you get to go to jail without bail.

And now, after several months behind bars, Brianne has taken to defending herself by writing a handwritten letter addressing the lawsuit filed by one of her unnamed victim’s parents, stating that she had no “evil or malicious intent” by having sex with three high school students. According to NY Daily News,

Altice’s handwritten letter addressed a lawsuit filed by one of the victim’s parents in December, slamming their parenting for failing to attend her parent-teacher meetings at Davis High School during the 2012-’13 school year.

…Her letter also denies allegations that she dressed provocatively and encouraged teen boys to hang out in her classroom while skipping class, she wrote in last month’s two-page filing.

Her response paints her victim as a knight in shining armor, protecting her from other students who would say “you’re hot” and “you’re sexy.”

In contrast, the parents reportedly claim that “the school’s administration should have known about her inappropriate behavior and had every opportunity to shut it down. She repeatedly flirted and preyed on male students, including their son, with hugs and by passing notes in class.”

Separately, school officials also claim that they “never had any knowledge of Altice’s inappropriate conduct.”

[H/T NY Daily News]

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