That Hot Teacher Sex Tape That Went Viral? I’m Here To Crush Your Hopes And Dreams Because Apparently It’s A Hoax

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Remember that story yesterday about the hot Argentinian teacher whose sex tape with a 16-year-old student of hers went viral? Well sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but apparently the whole story is a big load of horseshit. Local Santiago del Estero newspaper Nuevo Diario investigated into the alleged sex tape practically two weeks before the English tabloids grabbed that story up and spread it like wildfire, and while they confirmed that the tape technically exists the two participants are neither a teacher from Santiago del Estero nor an underage boy.

A Nuevo Diario reader was Facebook friends with a woman who appears to be the star of the video, and alerted the paper to her profile. According to an expert, “There are marks on the skin, beyond the nearly exact similarities between the [Facebook] photographs and the analyzed frames [of the sex tape] that are almost impossible to replicate in position, shape and depth in two similar people.”

Although she did go to school to teach English, the woman in the video isn’t a teacher in Santiago del Estero. She’s actually from a different city, Corrientes. Following the trail from her profile, they also tracked down the man in the video, who isn’t an underage student. His Facebook profile says he’s in college.

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Now I know what you’re thinking, because I’m psychic and also of at least average intelligence. You’re sitting there like “Then what the fuck sort of porn video did I just watch??” Well it wasn’t kiddie porn, although I’m sure you weren’t concerned about that since you went looking for it in the first place and watched the tape in full. What you actually watched was a private sex tape that was distributed via Whatsapp and then uploaded to a porn site.

So yes, you did just waste a solid minute of your life searching for regular ol’ boring porn and then watching it. Congratulations on doing nothing new.

The thing that should stand out to everyone, however, is that we all believed this shit. Like the idea of a teacher fucking her student and then having a sex tape leaked is something that we all reacted to as “Hmmm. Have lots of teachers slept with students? Yes. Are students fucking dumb when it comes to social media? Yes. DIS STORY CHEX OUT GUYZZ.” Not only does it speak to how pathetically routine teacher on student sex scandals have become, but this poor woman’s life is getting royally boned right now because a random sex tape of hers is floating around with the rumor that she’s basically a pedophile attached to it.

The world is fucked.

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